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Rosales Exterior Painting Process


1. Honest Estimating

•An estimator visits your home to gather all the details about the project

•A free, no-obligation estimate is provided to you

•Exterior house painting is scheduled as quickly as possible

•An estimator provides you with a project timeline

•You choose paint colors with the help of a Color Consultant

Every house painting project is unique, so there is no way to guess your price until an estimator sees your home and understands the scope of work that needs to be completed. This is how Rosales Painting delivers an accurate and complete estimate for you.


2. Thorough Preparation

The Rosales Painting team understands how important preparation is to ensure the final paint job is the highest quality possible, and we follow essential steps to prepare all surfaces before a single paintbrush touches them, including:

•Washing of all surfaces to remove any mildew or mold

•Scraping off any loose paint and preparing any glossy areas by scuffing and sanding them

•Filling gaps with caulk to ensure there are no future water intrusions

All steps in the preparation stage of your exterior house painting services are comprehensive and completed with great attention to detail and care for your home. We stay in constant communication during your project, so you feel comfortable with the work your painting team is doing for you.


3. Expert Painting and Meticulous Cleanup

Once all surfaces have been prepared, your exterior house painting can begin. Again, the team of exterior painters at Rosales Painting are highly trained and will paint your house as if it were their own by following specific steps:

•We prime all painted areas to ensure your home has a uniform finish

•We paint surfaces with the highest quality paints

•We clean all tools and materials around your home at the end of each day

•We inspect the job with you upon completion to ensure your 100% Satisfaction

The exterior house painting services delivered by Rosales Painting were developed so your painting team disrupts your day-to-day life as minimally as possible. Not going to be home when the exterior painting team is there? No problem. We’ll work with you to find a schedule that fits your life.

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Our painters are qualified to repair or replace exterior wood, metal or stucco/EIFS repairs, as well as drywall, plaster, siding and wood replacement.

Pressure Washing and

Soft Washing

Power washing is a vital step in painting the exterior of your home. Rosales Painting
uses the process to remove mold, oil and old paint so new paint absorbs into your surface better.

Deck & Fence

Staining and Painting

Protect your home’s exterior from Mother Nature with our variety of exterior home painting and staining services, including your home’s deck and fencing. Our team works with you to determine the best plan of action for your home.

Brick Painting and Limewashing

Give brick surfaces on the interior or exterior of your home a brand new look and an extra layer of protection with professional brick painting and limewashing services from Rosales Painting.

Stucco Repairs and Painting

It’s important to maintain the stucco or EIFS (also known as synthetic stucco) covering your home. Rosales Painting is knowledgeable in both repairs and painting related to these materials.

Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Painting

Whether you have high-tech vinyl siding or a more traditional siding, Rosales Painting
knows how to restore them. Our team has the right approach to add new life to your exteriors.

Types of Exterior Painting Services

Rosales Paintings team of dependable exterior painting professionals will tackle your list of painting projects. They know how to do the job right with years of experience painting a wide variety of surfaces and materials, including:



Vinyl or Aluminum Siding


Cedar Shingles

Garage Doors






Common Questions About Exterior Painting Projects

How much does exterior house painting cost per square foot?

There are many factors that impact the price of exterior painting projects, including the type of surface being painted, the number of coats, damage to surfaces needing repairs, the ease of access to surfaces (is special equipment like scaffolding or lifts needed), and the region the project is in. To get accurate pricing for your unique project, set up an estimate appointment with us.

Can Rosales Carpentry & Painting repair damaged exterior surfaces as part of the project?

It depends on the scope of the damage. Rosales Carpentry & Painting can do non-structural light carpentry repairs to exterior surfaces including replacing rotted wood, patching cracks in stucco, and replacement of trim.

Can you paint my exterior in rainy weather?

Mother Nature is a powerful force and one that we pay close attention to. We will do our best to reschedule your project in a timely manner if it is delayed due to inclement weather.

Can exterior painting be done in cold weather?

Most paint products advise not to paint when the temperature is below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Some products that utilize new technology can be applied as low as 35 degrees, but we generally advise not doing exterior painting when in cold months.

What are the benefits of painting my home’s exterior?

Paint is the first line of defense for your home. Paint protects the surfaces on the exterior of your home from rain, snow, sun and other weather-related damage. It is important to maintain the exterior painted surfaces to prevent long term damage to the home.

How should I prepare for my exterior painting project?

To make your home transformation the best experience possible, when having the exterior of your home painted make sure the perimeter of the home is clear of any major obstructions that would get in the way of the painters. If you have any pets, please keep them inside while the painters are working on the exterior.

How often should I paint the exterior of my home?

It will depend on several factors, but on average most homes need exterior painting done every 10 years. See our guide on how often to paint the exterior of your home for more information.

Rosales Exterior Painting Process

1. Power Wash

Any necessary areas of your home’s exterior will be power washed or hand washed to remove dirt and mildew.

2. Prep

Any loose paint is scraped, glossy areas are scuff sanded and any gaps are caulked to prevent water intrusion.


Your repaired areas are primed before premium-quality paint is applied to your home’s exterior, creating a uniform finish.


At the end of each day, the painting crew cleans up around your home, ensuring any paint chips are removed and all materials are stored neatly away.


After our own inspection, your job site supervisor will walk you through the space, giving you the opportunity to review our work and to provide any initial feedback.


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